Linkpay_international-rhino-foundation_post_1 Donated to the International Rhino Foundation

San Diego, CA – (June 6, 2017) –, Linkpay’s give back campaign donates to the International Rhino foundation. The gift supports tireless rhino rangers, helping them protect rhinos, move rhinos from unsafe to safe areas, and ensures that local people benefit from rhino conservation.

With more than 25 years’ experience in funding and implementing rhino conservation – working directly with protected area managers, local communities, and government agencies – the International Rhino Foundation is uniquely positioned to protect the most threatened large mammals on the planet.

“This donation is special to my family and I,” said James Byler, Volunteer Chairman of “While on safari in South Africa this summer, my two daughters and I witnessed firsthand the magnificence of rhinos but also their precarious position as one of the most endangered large mammals in the world. I cannot image leaving a world to my children without the miracle of rhinos. We must act now to save rhinos, if not for us then for our children.” is a nonprofit which magnifies socially conscience decisions we make in our daily lives. In partnership with Linkpay, donates 10% of all payment revenue to the charity of our partners choice!

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