Analytics & Reporting

It’s time to get smarter with your data.


Behind every sale is a treasure trove of data – data which can empower you to market more effectively and to attract new customers. Because running a business is hard work, we want to make it just a little easier.

Find new customers

Hone in on your customers’ spending patterns
and leverage that data to find new ones.


Sales might be up, but is your marketing falling
flat? Now you can see the impact of your
marketing efforts in real time so you know

Sharpen your targeting

Create profiles and segments to better market to
your customers, based on their spending habits
and behaviors.

Gather intelligence

Are you beating the competition? Compare sales
and consumer spending trends at local
businesses like yours and see how you stack up.

Analyze your sales. Size up your competition.

On the surface, you know a lot about your business. But what you really need is the total picture—ins, outs and everything in between. With Clover Insights, data from transactions can help uncover insights about your business, your customers and even your neighborhood. Plus, you can benchmark your performance against similar businesses in your area.

Uncover what's trending

Your transaction data can unlock meaningful
trends in sales, from who’s buying what, to
when and where they’re buying it.

Gain a competitive advantage

Don’t just keep an eye on the competition,
keep track of their performance compared
to yours.

Expand your footprint

Thinking about scaling up? Now you can see
where it’s best to expand your business or
branch out into something new.

Get Smarter with Your Data

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